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The ancient meaning of the Healer.
The Maiden connection to the Fire of the Sun.

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All the books offered by gysycard.com is meant for you, who would like to start, how to read taro cards.


With the tarot books available, you are able to tell your own fortune, because the book can be used as a guide for spiritual discovery, self-advancement. Learn how to develop habits which will lead you to success instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over. You will not fall into the trap of being biased, because with any of the books we offer you will learn the one-ness of all life forms and the universe and guides you in your tarot journey, to discover your true self and your true destination. Read more >>

What can Gypsy card teach you? You are able to connect with the cards to the Ancients, who were the creators of the cards. Hence, I already went back to visit an ancient civilization… How? By understanding the ancient way reading Gypsy Card and tarot, it took me to the Phoenicians, revealing their highly advanced knowledge, writing system, mathematics, philosophy… etc. You are able to find this connection with the help of Gypsy card and tarot. Once you learn the meanings with the Sanskrit language, combined with Greek mythology, you get the answer of each card. It is lucky in a way that the Greeks preserved in their mythology the Phoenician personification of the universe. Without it would be harder to understand what they were trying to say.

It is like the Phoenicians managed to conquer space and time by the means of Gypsy cards and they’re talking to you through the cards like they would be still here.

You could ask how these ancient definitions can apply today, within modern society it surely cannot work. The meaning of the images derived from highly advanced knowledge and the interpretation is such a thorough study of the human psyche and mind that it would take a whole book just to explain one card. Even today's psychologist is still behind understanding the complexity of the psyche in comparison to the speaker and inventors of the Sanskrit language, the Phoenicians... Read more >>


There are many theories what the term Tarot defines, yet none of them traces it back to the most obvious source, Sanskrit language. Tarot derived from Sanskrit Taras; i.e. voyage, referring to life as a voyage, a guide, how to continue on your journey in life. The other word is Tara, which is translating to asterism, passage, knowledge, communication between man and the universe,  the sacred text and science of the ancient Phoenicians known today as the Romani people or Gypsies.

Reading Gypsy Cards.
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